I have no idea what these doctors are putting in the syringes that heal you in all of these first person shooters, but it sure does an impressive job of healing… Just about anything, really.

I’ve been really trying to step outside of my comfort zone and try using some new techniques with my cartoons, as you can probably see. So far I’m pleased with the results, but it is much more time consuming on my end because I’m not used to the workflow, and I constantly revise everything. It’s good exercise though, and I definitely feel like I’m learning a lot more, I just can’t produce comics as quickly as I used to. In due time I will be able to return Pixel Failure to a somewhat regular schedule, so hang in there for the time being. :D

I have also been working on a couple of side projects this year that are somewhat connected to PF that I will hopefully be able to present to you guys and gals soon, if all goes as planned.